DO NOT purchase video games from Wal-Mart!! For my birthday present to myself I bought a copy of Titanfall for my computer and was VERY excited to play it….PROBLEM is, it requires a VERY fast internet connection to play! After working with Origin Games support we determined that my Hughesnet satellite internet connection was too laggy to run Titanfall properly. That qualifies to me as a defective and they would take it back IF I had bought it from EA/Origin games directly.... BUT, I bought it at Wal-Mart……..

Wal-Mart will NOT take back games or videos after they are opened FOR ANY REASON I am VERY unhappy with the (lack of) customer service I received at Wal-Mart when I tried to return the game, even though I was going to give the money RIGHT back to them in exchange for a game I can run,,, FYI, my system is BRAND NEW, super fast and can run ANYTHING on the market except for a game like Titanfall that requires a fast, low latency persistent internet connection to play properly….

Wal-Mart has gotten the VERY LAST DIME I will ever spend in that place! Their return policies are too restrictive and they have made one VERY unhappy customer! DON”T BUY GAMES FROM WALMART! IF THERE IS A PROBLEM, YOU ARE STUCK WITH IT….

That all being said, I have a perfectly good PC version of Titanfall I cannot use. Anyone want to buy it off of me please let me know.. PAID $39.66 at Wal-Mart for this game and they won’t take it back.. Please make me an offer,,,,

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