Creating a cheap powerful media center computer with a Raspberry Pi!


I recently discovered a great little media center software program named XBMC (now called KODI). It was originally developed for use on jail-broken X-Box devices and after quite a bit of development has become a very powerful media center software for many different devices. There is a version for Mac OS and one for Windows and even Android devices but what really intrigued me was the credit card sized little computer called a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi was developed as a low cost (around $35.00) miniature computer that can use a regular standard USB keyboard and mouse and can run various operating systems like Linux and a few customized flavored OS’s made for the Raspberry Pi’s ARM11 32-bit processor. The Pi B+ version has a 700 mhz (standard) ARM processor that can easily be over-clocked to up to 1000mhz for better performance, 4 USB ports, an HDMI video output (1080P video!), and a network adaptor built on to the board. It also has a 40-pinout for connecting various electronic creations and a connector for an optional camera There is no hard drive on this little computer, everything is run from a built-in micro SD card slot built into the board. This gives you a LOT of flexibility in running various operating systems that are available.  I have played around with  RASPBIAN (a variation of Debian Linux) operating system on mine and few other of the operating systems availagle for the Raaspberry Pi but where it really shines as a media center PC running a light customized operating system designed for use with the Kodi media center software called OPENELEC. This little thing boots into OPENELEC and Kodi is up and running in around 20 seconds, All I have to do to switch operating systems is switch the micro SD card plugged into the slot. I will explain the installation of OPENELEC a bit more later, but to this point, I am VERY pleased with how fast and smooth this thing runs and considering most of my content is located on my computer in my bedroom, it plays movies and music great over my wired network connection.


I have a video I created showing the performance of my new media device playing a 1080p movie on my TV but WordPress doesn’t allow posting video with a standard account.
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If you are interested in purchasing one of these, I have another one being shipped to me very soon.
I can build and customize the software and box to your liking. Contact me for a quote!

Scott Colvin


DO NOT purchase video games from Wal-Mart!! For my birthday present to myself I bought a copy of Titanfall for my computer and was VERY excited to play it….PROBLEM is, it requires a VERY fast internet connection to play! After working with Origin Games support we determined that my Hughesnet satellite internet connection was too laggy to run Titanfall properly. That qualifies to me as a defective and they would take it back IF I had bought it from EA/Origin games directly.... BUT, I bought it at Wal-Mart……..

Wal-Mart will NOT take back games or videos after they are opened FOR ANY REASON I am VERY unhappy with the (lack of) customer service I received at Wal-Mart when I tried to return the game, even though I was going to give the money RIGHT back to them in exchange for a game I can run,,, FYI, my system is BRAND NEW, super fast and can run ANYTHING on the market except for a game like Titanfall that requires a fast, low latency persistent internet connection to play properly….

Wal-Mart has gotten the VERY LAST DIME I will ever spend in that place! Their return policies are too restrictive and they have made one VERY unhappy customer! DON”T BUY GAMES FROM WALMART! IF THERE IS A PROBLEM, YOU ARE STUCK WITH IT….

That all being said, I have a perfectly good PC version of Titanfall I cannot use. Anyone want to buy it off of me please let me know.. PAID $39.66 at Wal-Mart for this game and they won’t take it back.. Please make me an offer,,,,

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